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Life Coach Training - Alternative Ways To Get It Without Forking Out Top Dollar



Do you have the desire to help people? Have you thought to become a life coach someday? Unfortunately, having the desire and motivation to be one although it is admirable qualities are not enough to help you be a certified life coach. Apart from these qualities, you should have proper education and mentoring as well. Not only that, the cost of training to be one might possibly cost you around 3000 to 6000 dollars.


Well of course, not everyone has this kind of money readily available at their disposal however, this doesn't indicate that you can simply give up of your dreams to be one. There are lots of affordable ways on how you can be a life coach actually and these include the following.


Number 1. Scholarships - do you still remember when you are at college? Well you must know that colleges aren't the only institutions that are offering scholarships. The truth is, there are several other institutions that can help aspiring professionals financially as long as they see that the person has the drive, ambition and also, the necessary qualifications to succeed. Check out this website at and know more about mentoring.


As a matter of fact, one route that you may take is with your current employer. You might soon find out that they're offering scholarships or any other kind of programs in-house that may just satisfy your needs. There are many companies that offer funding or even incentives for employees to further their education especially if it's an areas that will benefit them similar to life coaching.


Number 2. Look for Newfield Network mentor - another available method to acquire life coach training at affordable price is by finding a mentor. If you've got the inclination and the motivation necessary, try to find someone who is working as a life coach already who is happy to take you as apprentice. This may not look like a formal schooling but, it does not indicate that it is going to be of low quality. Most of the time, a person who is working full time as a life coach could be better mentors than those who stand in a classroom and teaching theories regarding life coaching.


Number 3. Self-taught - say for example that you can't find a mentor or life coach training program, your last resort is to go through self education. Remember that you have to be self disciplined to be able to make this possible. Otherwise, you wouldn't make as much progress.